Living the Dream: Sundance 2010

This series was originally hosted on the Sundance Film Festival YouTube page during the 2010 film festival.

Living the Dream is a twice daily, one-and-a-half- to three-minute web series that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaker’s experience of unveiling a film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Episode 1: Premiere

Filmmaker Bobby Miller gets lost on his way to his world premiere of Tub. Follow this story on episode 14.

Episode 3: Upping The Stakes

Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman discuss their opening night film, Howl, and audiences give it rave reviews.

Episode 4: Easing Into It

Ryan Piers Williams talks about his film, The Dryland, and easing in to life at Sundance. Follow this story in episode 12.

Episode 5: New Low Monotone

Adam Bowers discusses his excitement over premiering his first feature film, New Low, at Sundance. Follow this story in episodes 13 & 19.

Episode 7: Stoner Focus Groups

Stephen Susco and John Stalberg Jr. discuss their film, Highschool, and its place in Park City at Midnight.

Episode 8: The Flasher

Actor David Hyde Pierce and Director Nick Tomnay on their movie The Perfect Host.

Episode 10: We’re Here

La Monde Byrd talks to The Polish Brothers on a radio show in LA. Follow this story in episode 18.

Episode 11: Blood, Sweat, and Fears

Follow The Butcher Brothers as they prepare for the premiere of The Violent Kind.

Episode 12: Letting Go

Ryan Piers Williams talks about his film, The Dry Land, taking on a life of its own.

Episode 13: Brothers in Arms

Adam Bowers and Linas Phillips make their way to the Next panel. Follow Adam Bowers in episode 19, and Linas Phillips in episode 16.

Episode 14: Making Films with My Friends

Bobby Miller, director of Tub, talks about his Sundance experience while hung over.

Episode 15: Good Luck Shoes

Drake Doremus, director of Douchebag, prepares for the Eccles animal.

Episode 16: Hot Dogs and Back Rubs

Linas Phillips rushes from media event to media event while trying to edit a video to promote his film, Bass Ackwards.

Episode 17: Conversations on a Bus

Debora Granik talks about the audiences at Sundance and the struggle for life after the festival on a bus.

Episode 18: The Coolest Guy at Sundance

La Monde Byrd and his publicist Stacy Hess talk about their Sundance strategy to promote his short film, The Family Jewels.

Episode 19: Already a Win

Adam Bowers, director of New Low, reflects on his experiences and discusses his future.